Matters of Construction Safety

Portugal’s terrible performance and high possibility of elimination from the FIFA World Cup’14 Brasil within the first round, is not the only thing that’s worrying me, this week.

Gaping hole in the road in the Camilia parking lot

Gaping hole in the road in the Camilia parking lot

As I returned home from work this evening, I discovered a serious construction hazard by the pavement of the parking lot between the buildings of CBD, Muscat, where I live. Some unknown construction has been taking place within the parking lot- and by that, I mean- hardly any residents are aware of what or why dustbin/ post box- looking things are being erected atop a platform, ‘conveniently’ covering five valuable parking spaces, in the city’s busiest business district where parking is an hourly headache.

The exposed iron bar.

The exposed iron bar.

What bothered me even more, is the ominous presence of an exposed iron bar just by the Pay Parking pole. Obviously, this runs the risk of people unsuspectingly enough, alighting from their parked vehicles and for no fault of theirs, running into a construction hazard.

Atkins takes health and safety very seriously and they critically review and ensure that their contractors comply with the approved method statement. We choose to thus be, Safe by Choice.

Accident waiting to happen.

Accident waiting to happen.

Maybe, the iron bar-in-parking-lot situation could be solved by following a better practice of perimeter protection of the construction site by using signage to warn pedestrians and motorists alike. I took these photographs after I cautiously turned the iron bar 180 degrees around so that its protruding end would point towards the site instead of towards the cars.

Stay alert and safe, people!




  1. Johann Durán · June 24, 2014

    Mexico and Germany all the way!!! (clearly you can tell what I’ve really been doing at work this week…)

    • meldsouza · June 24, 2014

      Haha,well my family is supporting Portugal for the same reason you are supporting Mexico! Origin! Anyway, FIFA WCup always feels like the loveliest time, especially in nations where football is quite the carnival!

      • Johann Durán · June 24, 2014

        I wish it was bigger here! But Portugal should be able to beat Ghana to pass!

  2. Melanie D'souza · June 24, 2014

    Yep, and with Ghana drawing with a great team Germany, optimism is the word, not Ronaldo anymore! And yes, sigh, how I wish there was greater respect for international football in America!

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