Surrendering when it seems Hardest

‘‘Hold nothing back, but hold onto Him’’.


Odd as it may sounds to us, self-liberation comes with surrender to God. And it is no easy task, as you may conjecture.

But from Luke 22:42, we obtain a quintessential expression of this belief- Christ was well aware of the terrifying fate that awaited Him; in His moment of weakness, He pleaded with His Father to be free from it! As little children, we learnt through catechism that, Jesus died to save us. Surely, we can rely on only the Messiah to teach us this wonderful approach to survival through suffering-in other words- liberation, by surrender to His will.

True enough, it is hard for us to understand God’s will when we are going through something painful- we, in fact, feel more rebellious than submissive. But as always is the case, He works in ways we cannot understand and He will make a way for us. His love is a surreal love, which is beyond human comprehension, as evident in Ephesians 3:19– “Yes, may you come to know His love, although it can never be fully known and so be completely filled with the nature of God “.

Just as Christ is an example for us to follow, so are His actions of surrender. Our suffering in total, can never amount to His. Yet in our moments of weakness, we very easily forget that these very moments, were all planned by Him, to teach us His own lessons, in ways we cannot fathom. We are sometimes, motivated to think that He no longer cares. But that’s exactly what He does- He cares for us all the time. Believing this is something all youth-including you and me-struggle with, at one point in our lives or the other.

And so it calls for waiting on the Lord. After all, surrender comes with patience- a virtue, that again, the youth of our fast-paced world struggle with. Needless to say, God slowed down for us, hence, so can we! He slows down every time- to individually inspect us, effectively evaluate us and spiritually nourish us.

Our Savior’s story of surrender is the greatest of all time. But equally inspiring, is the one that circles the Book of Job. A true pillar of unwavering faith, Job doesn’t question God’s ways and doesn’t blame God despite losing everything. In fact He says in Job 2:10– “When God sends us something good, we welcome it. How can we complain when He sends us trouble?” Job thus elucidates to us that- every relationship comes with a price, likewise, our relationship with God.

It never hurts to be close to the Lord, and yet, this is not an assurance that our troubles will be over. Troubles in life are inevitable, just as the drops of water in the sea. It is truly God’s impalpable way of making His presence known. He wants us to rush to Him broken so that unto Him only, can we truly be made whole.

In effect, when we find it tough to surrender, given the situations of our young lives, we must not look further for a better example than Christ- who shall enable us to surrender well. For Christ Himself asserts His priority in submission in John 6:3– “For I have come down from Heaven, not to do My own will, but of the One who sent Me.”