A Lot like Christmas

Think of Christmas as a beginning. The beginning of the journey of a miracle child who formed what we eventually have come to believe in. This is Christ, son of God, born of a Virgin, a miracle in itself, performed miracles throughout his life on Earth, where he endured the existence of a mere human being, only to die a shameful death, followed by a resurrection that was equally miraculous.

Now if Christ is born this Christmas, and during every other Christmas, then what would be new to welcome during Christmas time? Christmas would be boring, wouldn’t it? Boring to welcome the same person all over again, every year. And this is exactly why, many of us, as we grow older, lose the reason for the season.  We lose ourselves in the commercialization of Christmas and quite easily forget that we are partaking in the meaningful celebration of the birth of a very important person in our lives. I’ve realized that something I and some people I know, look forward to every Christmas, is new Christmas decorations, greeting cards, new presents, new locations for a winter vacation. But of course, we can find new meanings for Christmas.

Christmas is all about firsts. The first virgin to give birth to a baby boy. The first young maiden of new times to so readily accept God’s will. The first of wise men to travel so far to meet a baby King and disregard the wishes of their then ruler. The first King to be born in a lowly manger, as the son of a human carpenter. The first congregation of angels and shepherds to proclaim the birth of a King.  And then, a feast to celebrate to beginning of a new year.

Think of having a new Christ being born in us every Christmas. Towards the end of the year, we are spiritually famished. In complete honesty, trials bring us down and we feel the lack of faith. Christmas is the time to renew this faith. It is okay to get down and lose it sometimes because Christ is strongest in our times of weakness. Once we were so fearfully and wonderfully made by God it doesn’t mean he has finished his work with us. He continues to work within us daily and hence we can never be completely spiritually renewed.

 So we can take Christmas as a wonderful time of blessing to get ourselves up and moving again!

Let us think of novel ways to more ‘deeply’ enjoy Christmas. I know a family friend whose mother is a nurse at the hospital and father works for a construction firm and so they invite some hospital clients and poor construction site labourers over for a sumptuous Christmas meal. I think that this family has truly understood the meaning of the Christmas spirit. And taking them as inspiration, I think we should all find ways to enjoy our Christmas in a more Christ-like manner!

Christmas doesn’t end with Christmas Day– it following through the New Year to culminate into a new beginning. It is a time to end and begin, a chance to finish and restart. And that’s the magic of Christmas.