Castle of Glass

Hi there!

A Linkin Park song title describing my design-professional life in a nutshell. Yes, that’s only half of Mel D’Souza for you.

Architecture school, has only gotten easier on the individual in me, as I soar up its ten semesters. My story isn’t bound to be the same as anybody else’s, nor is it complete.

One thing is sure, it has taught me PERSEVERANCE. I owe this virtue to the demoralising and inspiring studio professors alike, studio mates, departmental advisors and one very encouraging Associate Dean.

I started to build my castle of glass two years ago, when I, as a mere seventeen-year-old moved from Muscat, Oman to Lawrence, Kansas, USA to study at the School of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Kansas. I had all but my love for landscapes, scales, and presence of creative thinking and drawing skills to fall back on.

A year later, my fear of the wood-shop led to poor craft, a poor studio grade and cracks in my castle of glass. Studio’s competitive environment felt too toxic for me. Discouragement and inspiration dented the walls of my castle in equal volumes. The moat around my castle did not seem like enough protection. I had to start letting people in. I befriended these studio-mates, these professors, locked all the fears away in the deepest dungeons.

I started picking up all the shards. Piecing my castle together, no longer fearful of how the design would all span out. Faith in my design competencies, faith in what I knew and how I could apply.  Laying the drawbridge down and scaling up the turrets to see what I could find in the intern world.

And since I’m a fan of documentation of experiences, you get to see the work of my quill. Only here, in my castle of glass.




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