The Money Shot

Dear Melanie,

We are pleased to confirm our internship offer and would like to welcome you to the Atkins Team. Please find the attached documents..

Such words are what most college students/aspiring interns are elated to hear. I was scaling up virtual skyscrapers as well…

Anyway. This internship journey was my prime motive for creating this blog- and since it is my first attempt at doing so, please excuse me, should any web glitches come your way while surfing. But I assure you that I shall do my best in providing interesting narratives of my experience as an intern. Sure, I’ll have a legit summer job for the first time, where I actually power-dress to impress. Sure, at nineteen, I’ll be the youngest at a firm of design professionals with brilliant expertise. But I am excited to swing with whatever this design firm giant has to offer me.

A money shot, in architecture terms, is what the typical architecture student tries to acquire in order to boost his or her design in the eyes of the jury professors. Or in more relevant terms, the absolutely stunning image of the new project that dumbfounds passers by or prospective clients, in order to entice them to buy it.

Atkins is my starter money shot. Give their site a visual chance and you’ll know what am talking about. A multi-disciplinary portfolio and a large global footprint are what I was looking for and I cannot wait to work with them.

So, two glorious months with their Middle East office in my very own hometown of Muscat, Oman; this summer of 2014. Watch out for my beginner’s intern diary, going live this June 1st.

Till then, let me leave you with what exactly was ringing through my head on receiving this internship acceptance letter.



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